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Invest in Tifia TOP10 portfolio account ang get best results

These are ten experienced and professional traders. Each of them has their own unique trading style. By combining them, Tifia can offer unique conditions for investing your money with high yield and minimal risks. Each month, Tifia correct the structure of the investment portfolio and include only those accounts which will bring you the biggest profit with minimal risks. Remember you will receive Rebates from ForexRebate.me for each your investment to TIFIA TOP10. Don`t lose your chance to win twice!

How it works?

  1. Register in Tifia as Investor

  2. Add your Investor account in the Personal Area of ForexRebate.me at Account section.
  3. Look at the TOP10 portfolio statistic proposed by ForexRebate.me or looking your own through Monitoring Tifia TOP10.
  4. Fund your Investor account in accordance with your interest.
  5. Get profit after the period specified in the offer and cashback to your account at ForexRebate.me.

If you have any questions, please contact customer support section Contacts.

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