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About the Affiliate program with Rebate system

If it isn't enough to you to receive return of spread from the trade, you can use the opportunity given by us - to get additional profit. Everything that for this purpose is required to you is a desire to involve the same traders as you in ForexRebate.me system.

After registration as "Partner", you receive the unique referral link which needs to be given all who is interested in our system of return of spread. Thus, passing on this link, such clients will receive the status "Attracted with the partner", you. Further, you earn reward from results of their trade. Everything is simple to begin right now!

How much the Partner receives?

1. Refer someone ("Adam") = you will receive 10% of earnings generated by Adam, every month

2. ("Adam") refers ("Michael") = you will receive 2% of earnings generated by Michael, every month

3. ("Michael") refers ("Chloe") = you will receive 0.5% of earnings generated by Chloe, every month

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