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Forex4you Review
8 USD Per Lot


  • $1
  • 1:500

  • Forex >100 pairs, Futures, Commodities

Forex4you has found reliable partners in different countries of the world and signed contracts with them. For instance, Forex4you LLC is representing our Dealing Center on territory in Russia. Esperanza Consulting does the same in India and so on. Furthermore each country representative may have partnership agreements with smaller companies and offices in different cities.

  • 4
  • 97

Fixed spreads from 0.5 pips

One click trading and Market Depth

PAMM-account system

Order execution – Instant Execution, Market Execution

Free deposits and withdrawals

Swap-free accounts

Forex4You Major Spreads

Avg. 2 pips Avg. 2 pips Avg. 3 pips Avg. 3 pips Avg. 3 pips

About Forex4You

The heart of Forex4you Dealing Center is E-Global Trade & Finance Group Inc registered in British Virgin Islands - this is where all financial operations are carried out. However, all paper work is being done in the business heart of Europe - London. This is where clients send documents, enquiries, etc. Then, E-Global Management Group Inc of British Virgin Islands takes all the administrative functions.


Forex4you has found reliable partners in different countries of the world and signed contracts with them. For instance, Forex4you LLC is representing our Dealing Center on territory in Russia. Esperanza Consulting does the same in India and so on. Furthermore each country representative may have partnership agreements with smaller companies and offices in different cities.

Company information:
Company Name
Regulation FSC-BVI
Broker type NDD
Phone +1-284-494-1576
Support Email info@forex4you.com
Account information:
Minimum Deposit $1
Max Leverage 1:500
Account Currencies
Trading information:
  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader Mobile
Spread Type fixed
Demo Account
Micro Account
Segregated Account
PAMM Account
Institutional Account
Islamic Account
VIP Account
Min trade size 0.00 lot
Phone +1-284-494-1576 E-mail: info@forex4you.com
Max trade size 500.00 lot
Margin Interest
Stop Order
Limit Order
Trailing Stop
24h trading
One-click execution
Streaming news feed
Charting package
Trading signals
E-mail alerts
Mobile alerts
Mobile Trading
Web Trading
Criteria Mark Points
Year of incorporation 2007 17
Regulation FSC-BVI 0
Awards of broker:
  • "Best Broker in Russia and CIS 2013" , ForexExpo Award - 1 Point
  • "For creating social trading system 2013" , ForexExpo Award - 1 Point
  • "Best Forex Broker Asia Pacific 2013" , IAIR Awards - 1 Point
  • "Best Broker 2018" , Le Fonti IAIR Awards - 1 Point
1 + 1 + 1 + 1 4
Rating vote by traders 92 / 34 58
Spreads and commission:
  • EUR/USD - Avg. 2 pips
  • USD/JPY - Avg. 2 pips
  • GBP/USD - Avg. 3 pips
  • USD/CHF - Avg. 3 pips
  • AUD/USD - Avg. 3 pips
1 + 1 + 0 + 0 + 0 2
PR and advertising in Internet 0 6
Trading contests (1 c point)
0 0
Bonuses (1 b point)
  • "Bonus Program" - 1 Point
1 1
Trading instruments:
  • Forex >100 pairs - 3 Points
  • Futures - 2 Points
  • Commodities - 1 Point
3 + 2 + 1 6
Trading Platform:
  • MetaTrader 4 - 0 Point
  • MetaTrader Mobile - 0 Point
0 + 0 0
Services for clients:
  • PAMM Account - 0 Point
  • Forex Copy Service - 2 Points
  • Oneclick execution - 1 Point
2 + 1 3
Total Rating Points 97
Method of calculating the Forex broker`s rating >>>

Bonus Program

Conditions of the bonus program

We reward our frequent foreign exchange traders by offering them bonuses. You can get back up to 17.5% of the spread* if you generate a required turnover on your account. It’s a great opportunity to earn even more!

Please note that possible amount of bonus will vary from 5% to 25%. In the presence of credit bonus on account, sum equivalent to double amount of credit bonus is blocked for transfers, withdrawals and deposits to PAMM-service.

How does the bonus program work

Step 1. On funding your trading account in the Trader Room, you will be able to choose % the credit bonus. It is important to note that the larger percentage you choose, the higher trading turnover you must have on your account. The bonus is added to your account in the form of a credit. The credit will let you have a larger trade volume.

For example, after you put funds on your account, your balance is $ 1000. If you choose 25%, the total amount of your trades will be $ 1250. Your balance = $ 1,000 + 25% (bonus) = $ 1250.

Step 2. You’re trading for three months and forming a trading turnover on your account. For each trade, you receive a part of the commission of the spread. For example, Point 1 for Lot 1 on the EUR/USD costs 10 USD. Your spread from one transaction makes 2 Points; up to 25% of the spread is credited on your account, i.e., 25% = 0.5 Points = 5 USD.

Step 3. Thus, a part of the commission of each trade is summed up and once the sum of all transactions reaches the bonus amount (in our example, $250), a real bonus will be automatically credited to your account. If you have more than one active bonus, the bonus, which was submitted first, will be applied first.

Choose your bonus level

  • When you add funds in Trader Room, select a bonus level between 5% and 25%
  • The higher the bonus level, the more forex trading you have to do to qualify
  • The bonus will show up as a credit on your currency trading account

Keep trading for up to three months

  • You can’t trade or withdraw your bonus until you reach the forex trading target
  • Once you reach the target, the funds will be credited permanently to your account
  • You can check your forex trading and bonus status at any time in Trader Room

Only two active bonuses at any time

  • If you deposit further funds, we will not credit a third bonus
  • Trades are applied to the first bonus until its target is reached, and then the second
  • If you have more than one currency trading account, you still can’t exceed the bonus limit
  • If you do, we may suspend you from the bonus program

We also make special gifts to bonus program members, such as returning foreign exchange commission or offering additional forex bonuses, so register today!

Please note that according to MT4 trading platform's features, MTP (Minimum trade points) are being used for our Bonus programs for all account types.

Please note that Pro STP account doesn't have bonus program.

Additional Information

Please note that this program is an additional service, so the company has the right to refuse the bonus program to any customer for any reason.

* Please note that Forex4you has rights to make special offerings and gifts to customers  – return till 50% of spread sum, offer 10 active bonuses or an immediate return of comission! Register in our bonus program, and maybe you will become the lucky one! Get Bonus
Bonus Conditions
Bonus Program
Contests Conditions Period Prize Fund

To receive cash back on an existing account

In order to set your account into right IB group - ForexRebate.me with those Referral code f9921bb, Client need to open a new account with new e-mail address.

Client's Comment


June 09, 2015

Very good broker for long term trading. simple cabinet and easy I wish they get good regulatory in future

Prabh Sahi

May 27, 2015

My positive earlier rating was premature. Trouble free deposit, but difficult to withdraw. Customer service is always the same person. How come? Is that a "One man show" and the others are just a fiction? Something smells here. They are trying to attract only newbies because they believe; they will soon or later lose everything. This is not the company, where I could deposit more money! As a confirmation email, they are sending a confirmation email with executive application, hoping you will open it. They said they did not send it but they never issued any public warning that something is wrong. Still trying to withdraw. No success.


May 24, 2015

forexforyou good broker for scalping


May 14, 2015

Good broker for martingale expert advisers .I didn`t have any problem with them till now.


May 13, 2015

I have their Pro account and it used to be my favorite broker. They had all excellent things (Super fast execution, minimal slippages, no-requotes...)

However, I have noted that they changed their system at least for pro account. As I am a scalper, I always watch execution speeds. Comparing avg. order processing time before to current ones, it is more than three times slow and slippages become undesirable now.

I considered it was temporary. Nevertheless, the problem is still there and their representative keeps saying that they fixed all the problem. (Mean, they admitted that there was a problem before.) I am very depressed leaving Forex4You but their condition is not satisfactory now.

Prabh Sahi

April 17, 2015

I have been trading with forex4you for about 4 or 5 months now. Funds deposit was always speedy and trouble-free. Withdrawals are much more of a hassle and takes about 3-5 days depending on the amount you want to withdraw. However, so far there have not been any withdrawal problems from me. Maximum I have withdrawn from them so far was about $9k.

Server connection was poor when I first started dealing with them a few months back, but I noticed that they have upgraded to better servers so it's getting much better and less occurrence of re-quotes over the past 2 months. Customer service needs allot of work to do.


December 10, 2014

Normal broker as 3years ago it launched its first trade, still occasionally been trading in 4yu, although I know that many brokers have now better conditions.


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