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On the FOREX currency market, Rebate is a discount in the form of partial return of the spread or a commission paid to a broker for the right to open a trading operation. At first sight, it may seem that Forex rebate does not mean a lot to pay attention to it when choosing a brokerage company. However, the traders find that the amount of the refund for the rebate per month may exceed the trader’s profit, because rebates are accrued both on profitable and unprofitable trades. For example, you can close monthly trading and go to zero, but you get profit with rebate accruals. It depends on a number of transactions - the more transactions, the higher payouts.

How does Rebate service work?

Typically, brokerage companies, which offer Rebate, developed a special system of discounts. The more trades a trader committed, the bigger commission part the brokerage company earns, and accordingly, the bigger amount it will be able to return to the trader as Rebate - payments.


In average, you make 6-8 trades per day. It’s about 30-40 transactions per trading week. Selecting a rebate rate, at the end of the week you will receive your $1.5 for each open trade operation. If you made 40 trades, the rebate payment would be $60. This is without taking into account how you traded during the week, with profit or loss.

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How to receive big profits with Rebate?

Each Forex broker offers its own unique affiliate programs to attract traders and investors. Brokers’ partners get a decent commission for participation in such programs. In turn, broker's partners promise their own percentage of reward for attracting customers - Rebate. Intermediary companies that attract customers for brokerage firms are called Rebate-services.

How Forex Rebate works?

Benefit from the use of ForexRebate.ME is obvious. Forex Rebate Service returns 80-90% spread on each transaction. This means that even orders which closed within the spread with a small loss are actually profitable. You earn there where before you just shared the profit with the brokerage company!

ForexRebate.me asks for nothing in return!


To achieve success in forex trading, it is enough to make just a few sequential steps:

Step 1. Register in ForexRebateMe cabinet. Becoming a full member of the system, you get the right to return a part of spread from each operation. In addition, you can enjoy all the benefits of Forex Rebate. In particular, you can get information about the ranking of brokerage firms, daily analytics, legal assistance, training material, etc. At the start all this will give you more confidence and in the future will make your business more comfortable.

Step 2. Choose a broker. After registration in ForexRebate.ME Service in "Accounts" section of Cabinet list of brokers will be available for you where you can add your account in the brokerage company for getting Forex cashback. You need to specify account number at Broker you are trading with. If you don’t have an account you can familiarize yourself with the terms that brokerage companies offer and open an account with appropriate company.

Step 3: Wait for account checking.ForexRebate.ME team checks each trader account. Sometimes brokers do not allow you to add an existing account to Rebate System. Then you need to open a new one and transfer your money from old one to the new. Directions on this matter given on each Broker`s Profile of our website. All brokers involved in the system allow to add new accounts to Cashback System.

Step 4. Log in to your trading account and open your trading order on the Forex market and get profit together with return of a part of spread. If necessary you can use service support on the ForexRebate.me website. Experienced specialists will help you solve all problems and answer all questions.

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Remuneration and security

ForexRebate.ME system allows you to receive up to 90% of spreads for the transactions in form of partners’ payments. Due to this the financial risks can been minimized when working on the Forex market.

The company also offers to take an advantage of the compensation Fund, as well as free lawyers’ consultation, who will help you solve all the disputable issues in cooperation with brokers.

Work in the ForexRebate.me system is profitable, convenient and secure. Join us and earn more!

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