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Rebate Service 2015

Best Forex Cashback &
Rebate Provider 2016


Fibo Rebates
5 USD Per Lot


  • $300
  • 1:400

  • Forex >50 pairs, Futures

International Financial Holding FIBO Group (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group) is one of the oldest players in marginal internet trading. The first company of the holding was founded in 1998. From the first day of our work, we always adhere to the principles of transparent activities, to protect the interests of customers and strict compliance of observance applicable laws and orders of national regulators.

  • 59
  • 44

Leverage up to 1:200 change to 1:400

Scalping, news trading and expert advisors are allowed

Real time analytics and market news

Forex-bonus 100%

PAMM accounts

MetaTrader 4 & 5 and cTrader

Fibo Major Spreads

Avg. 2 pips Avg. 3 pips Avg. 3 pips Avg. 3 pips Avg. 3 pips

About Fibo

International Financial Holding FIBO Group (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group) is one of the oldest players in marginal internet trading. The first company of the holding was founded in 1998. From the first day of our work, we always adhere to the principles of transparent activities, to protect the interests of customers and strict compliance of observance applicable laws and orders of national regulators. Our customers and partners can be assured that all services, provided by any of the companies within the holding FIBO Group, meet the highest international standards and are under the control of national regulators.
Companies of the holding have won numerous awards, which the professional community have awarded us for our excellent work in the customer service department and achievements as a FOREX and CFD broker.
To trade on the financial markets we offer popular and advanced platforms, such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader and also trading platforms for futures and options markets such as CQG, QST, R | Trader, MultiCharts and many others.

Company information:
Company Name FIBO Group, Ltd.
Regulation FSC-BVI
Broker type NDD Market Maker
Phone +7 (495) 739-11-34
Support Email service@fibogroup.com
Account information:
Minimum Deposit $300
Max Leverage 1:400
Account Currencies
Trading information:
  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • MetaTrader Mobile
  • cTrader
Spread Type fixed / floating
Demo Account
Micro Account
Segregated Account
PAMM Account
Institutional Account
Islamic Account
VIP Account
Min trade size 0.01 lot
Phone +7 (495) 739-11-34
Max trade size 200.00 lot
Margin Interest
Stop Order
Limit Order
Trailing Stop
24h trading
One-click execution
Streaming news feed
Charting package
Trading signals
E-mail alerts
Mobile alerts
Mobile Trading
Web Trading
Criteria Mark Points
Year of incorporation 1998 26
Regulation FSC-BVI 0
Awards of broker:
  • "Best PAMM Service Broker 2014" , CIOT EXPO - 1 Point
  • "Most Transparent Forex Broker 2014" , Guangzhou Fx EXPO - 1 Point
  • "The most trusted forex broker 2014" , IIFE, China - 1 Point
  • "Best ECN Broker 2014" , ForexExpo Award - 1 Point
  • "Best 24/7 Customer Service 2013" , ForexExpo Award - 1 Point
1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 5
Rating vote by traders 20 / 20 0
Spreads and commission:
  • EUR/USD - Avg. 2 pips
  • USD/JPY - Avg. 3 pips
  • GBP/USD - Avg. 3 pips
  • USD/CHF - Avg. 3 pips
  • AUD/USD - Avg. 3 pips
1 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 1
PR and advertising in Internet 0 2
Trading contests (1 c point)
  • "Trader's Triple Chase" - 1 Point
1 1
Bonuses (1 b point)
  • "Traders’ mission - POSSIBLE" - 1 Point
1 1
Trading instruments:
  • Forex >50 pairs - 1 Point
  • Futures - 2 Points
1 + 2 3
Trading Platform:
  • MetaTrader 4 - 0 Point
  • MetaTrader 5 - 1 Point
  • MetaTrader Mobile - 0 Point
  • cTrader - 1 Point
0 + 1 + 0 + 1 2
Services for clients:
  • PAMM Account - 0 Point
  • Forex Copy Service - 2 Points
  • Oneclick execution - 1 Point
2 + 1 3
Total Rating Points 44
Method of calculating the Forex broker`s rating >>>

Traders’ mission - POSSIBLE

  1. General Information 

    1. The bonus program is called "Traders’ mission - POSSIBLE!"
    2. The bonus program period: from March 16th, 2016 till July 31th, 2016 inclusively.
    3. The bonus program participants are the clients of FIBO Group, Ltd (BVI) who have opened a МТ4 Fixed trading account with leverage up to 1:200 and funded it with the amount not less than $300 or the equivalent in another currency.
    4. Both new and existing clients are able to become participants.
    5. The bonus account is a МТ4 Fixed trading account which takes part in the bonus program "Traders’ mission - POSSIBLE!" of the company.
  2. Bonus program terms and conditions

    1. The bonus is granted to every client of FIBO Group, Ltd (BVI), who:
      1. has opened a МТ4 Fixed trading account during the Bonus program period, put a tick in the registration form near the “Bonus program” field in the Personal Cabinet on the company website and select the “Traders’ mission - POSSIBLE!” bonus program from the list.
      2. has activated the MT4 Fixed trading account (funded it with the amount not less than $300 or the equivalent amount in another currency)
      3. has activated the bonus by clicking the button "Activate bonus" in the Personal Cabinet (“Account management” section – click on the bonus account number marked with the symbol “B”).
      4. has received a confirmation from the system: "Bonus has been activated successfully".
  3. How the bonus is calculated and credited 

    1. The bonus amount would depend on the bonus account turnover. Such turnover is calculated by taking the closed positions according to the number of standard lots. One standard lot equals to 100,000 units of the base currency. The total amount of bonus cannot exceed USD 10,000.
    2. We shall give a 100% for the first deposit.
    3. Once the bonus account turnover reaches the point of USD 1,000,000 (10 standard lots), we shall give a 125% for your following deposit.
    4. When the bonus account turnover gets to the level of USD 5,000,000 (50 standard lots), the bonus for the following deposit will be increased to 150%.
    5. When the bonus account turnover reaches the point of USD 20,000,000 (200 standard lots), the bonus amount for the following deposit will be 175%.
    6. When the bonus account turnover gets to the point of 50,000,000USD (500 standard lots), the bonus amount for the following deposit will be 200%.
      1. For example: A client opens an MT4 Fixed bonus account and funds it with 1,000 USD, after that he activates the bonus. The bonus amount is USD 1,000. The client then executes his trades by opening and closing positions with the total volume of USD 1,000,000 (i.e 10 standard lots). Then, after depositing his account with further USD 1,000, he will get a USD 1250 bonus (i.e. 125% of the deposit).
    7. The bonus is credited to the trading account automatically once the funds have been deposited.
    8. In case of withdrawals of funds from the trading account, the amount of bonus will be decreased proportionally.
    9. The bonus can also be credited and after the effective period until the limit of the total bonus amount is reached (Please see Paragraph 3.1).
    10. The funds can be kept on the trading account permanently.
  4. Withdrawal of bonus

    1. The profit earned in the result of trading along with the deposit funds can be withdrawn without any restrictions.
    2. The withdrawal of the credited bonus is impossible.
  5. Bonus restrictions

    1. Bonus funds cannot be used to compensate the drawdown of the account, i.e. bonus will be charged from the account when Equity (Balance including open positions) on the account will be equal to the sum of bonus. In this case, all open positions will be automatically closed.
    2. The bonus is credited only to the funds deposited directly to the  MT4 Fixed trading account by any means offered in the section “Deposit funds” in the Personal Cabinet
    3. Trading on the MT4 Fixed bonus account before the activation of the bonus program is forbidden.
    4. Each client has the right to open only one bonus account to take part in this promotion program. 
  6. Changes to the conditions of the bonus program

    1. The company has the right to make changes to the conditions of the bonus program and annul the bonus program at any time without preliminary notification. The cancellation of the bonus program is not applicable to the clients who are participating at the moment of cancellation.
    2. Information about changes to the conditions of the bonus program will be published on the FIBO Group Ltd (BVI) website in the section “Clients - Promotions”.
    3. Questions concerning the conditions of the bonus program can be asked to the customer service department by phone via on-line chat on the company’s website, via “Feedback” in the Personal Cabinet or via e-mail to service@fibogroup.com.
Get Bonus
Bonus Conditions
Traders’ mission - POSSIBLE

Trader's Triple Chase

Participation is open to any FIBO Group client who has a demo account. A participant may not register more than one contest account during the contest. Participants should use the following link to register for the competition via customer’s Personal Cabinet. Each new round of the competition starts every Monday at 00:00 EET.


On the first round participants will use “MT4 NDD” * demo accounts. First round winners will be determined at the end of a trading week (Saturday 00:00 EET), the winners list is formed from the 10 contestants with highest profitability and percentage of maximum drawdown that doesn’t exceed -30%.


The 10 winners of the first round will take part in the second round.   They will be able to use NDD real trading accounts on the following conditions:

  • Account type: MT4 NDD
  • Account currency : USD
  • Leverage : 1:100
  • Deposit : 100

Total volume of trades made by each participant  during the second round should be not less than 0.5 lot.

All contest NDD accounts will be moved into a regular NDD group, it will be possible to replenish it or withdraw funds from this trading account. In the case of a participant not fulfilling the conditions and his total trading volume by the end of the week is less than 0.5 lot, the trading account will be closed without the possibility to withdraw funds.

The participant who has achieved the best results during the week will become a second round winner.

As a prize, a Managed account (PAMM) will be given to the second round winner. A winner will receive 1000 $ that will be credited to the contestant's PAMM account. PAMM Manager's Offer details:

  • Minimum deposit: 50 USD
  • Manager's Fee: 30%
  • Early withdrawal fine: 0%
  • Investment period: 1 week

The third round competition period is until 16 December 2016. In the framework the participants get points, depending on the results of the control of the contest Managed Account at the end of each week of the competition, accordance with the contest rules. At the end of the contest, all Managed Accounts are preserved and the participants may withdraw their profit. 

The winners of the third round are identified as a result of the lottery. Each contest point is converted into one chip, participating in the lottery, which will be held on December 20, 2016.

Three Managed Accounts (PAMM) pre-loaded with $10 000, $15 000 and $25 000 accordingly as bonus funds are opened for the third round winners in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contest.

The Facebook Prize Draw (the possibility to win iPad Air 2). To take part you would need to:

  1. Follow the official group of FIBO Group;
  2. Share a link with the information about the contest into your Facebook profile;
  3. Write a comment at the FIBO Group official group in Facebook with reference to your post;
  4. Get a sequence number from the group supervisor;
  5. Wait for the prize draw which will be held on September 1, 2016.

Read more about the participation in this draw in paragraph 7 of the contest Terms and Conditions.

* Please note that in order to start using your MT4 NDD account for trading you should right click in the "Market Watch" window, choose “Show all”, find instruments with postfix ".I" and add instruments you need from the "Market Watch" window to the chart.

Join Contest
Contests Conditions Period Prize Fund
Trader's Triple Chase Read More... Unlimited $50,000

To receive cash back on an existing account

1. Click here to open a new account. Be sure to use an email address that is different from the address you used when you opened your original account.

2. Contact Fibo to have the funds transferred from your old account to the new one.

Client's Comment


June 25, 2015

They are old broker, I didn't see any bad deed from them.


June 10, 2015

With proper testing I see that the FiboGroup– is the honest broker and easy to deal with. You can be sure they will grant you a good trading community. I can be sure to invite other friends here as I see them to be great.


May 16, 2015

best broker, since 2005 I trade with Fibo Group.

Oswald, Azerbaijan

April 25, 2015

I'll make a contribution other than BROKER, never had no problems ... To understand how the MT-download from any broker, look at the performance (as practice shows, it is lightning fast), so that's exactly what happens in the real world at the Fib. Many times, the money of 30 minutes and they are on the map (the output is not enough) no re-quotes, losses, ties and stuff, Power Trader make out yet, but just do a good platform. Although there is even a negative one on accounts such as Fixed widen spreads at the opening of the market ...


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