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About TLG Bot

TLG Bot - Unique automatical trading system for Forex market. This program is designed to generate passive income without the participation of a trader.

Advantages of TLG Bot

Super-sonic speed of reaction

Every second, the trading bot monitors a large number of levels, lines, volumes, so it quickly and accurately performs complex calculations, and instantly makes a decision and submits an order.

TLG forex robot profit

Accuracy = Profit

People can easily make mistakes in calculations. A trading robot always operates according to a given algorithm. It helps to achieve the desired results with jewelry accuracy.

TLG forex robot

Emotions-free approach

Humans, regardless of trading experience, are prone to emotions. Most of all, of course, this applies to beginners in this matter. A trading robot has no emotions, only solid calculation and strict logic.

TLG forex robot

Work around the clock

You don't need to be permanently in front of the PC. No matter what you do, the robot will conduct transactions in the market. You won't miss any trading opportunities and maximize profit.


Below you can see the profitability of the most conservative Forex robot strategy TLG Bot at trading at broker SwissQuote:

Statistics of the robot's trading at MyFxBook:


TLG Bot First

TLG Bot First

Trading step: 0.01 lot
Recommended deposit: $2500
Trading style: Low risk
Cost: $500
TLG Bot Second

TLG Bot Second

Trading step: 0.01 lot
Recommended deposit: $5000
Trading Style: Agressive
Cost: $700

How to get TLG Bot and receive rebates:

  1. Open account at any broker presented at ForexRebate.me service. If you already have account with broker make sure it is already linked to your ForexRebate.me account.
  2. Fund your trading account with necessary amount of margin to allow TLG Bot to open new orders.
  3. Purchase TLG Bot using Forexrebate.me promocode FXRB and get EA file for your MT4 platform.
  4. Install Robot at your MT4 and enable robot for trading.
  5. Start getting profit from trading and daily rebates from ForexRebate.me.

EXTRA BONUS:We will refund you 15% of the funds spent on the purchase of the advisor. So, your extra cashback is 15%.

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